Americana (Blue) or Multitone Blue

1967 to 1969
The Multitone Blue Mixing Bowls and Oval Casseroles are also known as Americana Blue.
Multitone Blue was released as a way to enhance the Turquoise Collection.

In 1967, Multitone Blue was touted as “New Versatile blues to enhance the traditional charm of Turquoise.” By the time the three-piece Multitone Blue Mixing Bowl Set was available to the consumer market, the Turquoise Collection already consisted of the Butterprint pattern and the turquoise Snowflake pattern.

Multitone Blue, also known as Americana Blue, was available in the 300-series Mixing Bowl Set; the 1 ½ pint bowl (401), the 1 ½ quart bowl (402) and the 2 ½ quart bowl (403). The four-quart (404) bowl was sold separately. Starting with the small 401 bowl the colors ranged from light blue to dark blue. The unique look of the Multitone Blue bowls is due to the white rim on each bowl and increasingly darker blue tones.

Also available as part of the Turquoise Collection were the solid color blue casserole dishes that were created to complement the Multitone Blue Mixing Bowls. Available in three sizes, these dishes came in the Light Blue 1 ½ quart Oval Casserole (043), the Blue 2 ½ quart Oval Casserole (045) and the Turquoise Oval Divided Dish (063). At the suggestion of Corning Glass Works, the Oval Casseroles were mostly found in large volume stores. The casseroles ranged in price from $3.50 to $4.50.

After 1967 the Turquoise Collection no longer appeared in catalogs. Both the Bowls and Casseroles were discontinued in 1969.

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