Americana (Brown)

1966 to 1969
Americana Brown was eventually sold as part of the Early American collection, although it did not start out that way.
The four-piece Mixing Bowl Set retailed for $4.50
The 401 and 404 bowls were combined to create a Chip n’ Dip set.

In 1966, Corning Glass Works released an earth-toned 400 series mixing bowl set originally known as the Multicolor Bowl set. Each of the four bowls had a solid color and a white rim, similar to the Multitone Blue Mixing Bowl set released in the same year. The four-piece set retailed for $4.50 in 1966.

The 1 ½ pint bowl (401) is golden yellow. The 1 ½ quart bowl (402) is olive green. The 2 ½ quart bowl (403) is a burnt orange color and the four-quart bowl (404) is brown.

In 1968, a Corning retail promotional sheet states that “Four traditional colors give that special ‘Americana’ touch to the Early American collection.” From then on the Multicolor bowls were a part of the Early American collection, which was available between 1962 and 1971. The set also became known as “Americana Fall Colors” or “Americana Brown.”

Along with the Mixing Bowl Set, the 401 and 404 bowls were sold as a Chip n’ Dip set with a metal bracket. The Early American collection continued for two more years after the Americana Brown Mixing Bowl set was discontinued in 1969.

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