Golden Acorn

1960 to 1963
While Golden Acorn is the official name of this pattern, it is also referred to as “Gold Acorn on Ivory” or “Golden Touch” in various advertising materials and Corning Glass Works literature.
Three sizes of the Round Casseroles can be found with the Golden Acorn design, although they were not standard release items.

“New gold-accented Pyrex casseroles are bright in the home decorating picture. This smart-looking cook-serve-and-store has a wonderful way with food—never transfers flavors,” read a 1960 advertisement from McCall’s magazine.

Golden Acorn was available to the consumer market in 1960 and had a beige background and a golden vine, leaf and acorn scroll along the sides of the dishes. “Give the Golden Touch,” read a November 1959 dealer advertisement. Featured prominently on this ad were the various Bake Ware options available in Golden Acorn.

Available for purchase was the 1 ½ quart Oval Decorator Casserole (043), the 2 ½ quart Oval Decorator Casserole (045), the 1 ½ quart Oval Open Baker (053), the 1 ½ quart Oval Divided Dish (063), the 1 ¼ quart Square Space-Saver Casserole (548) and the 2-quart Square Space-Saver Casserole (575).

The Space-Saver Casseroles could be bought as separates or as a set. When purchased separately they came with a clear glass lid. The set came with one clear lid and two metal lids, meant for use with freezer tape to provide an airtight seal.

There are also three sizes of the round casserole in Golden Acorn. These casseroles were not standard production items, but may have been made as market-test pieces. Though limited in availability, the round casseroles can be found in the 1-quart (473) size, the 1 ½ quart (474) size and the 2 ½ quart (475) size.

The official name for this pattern is Golden Acorn, but in company literature and advertising materials it has also been referred to as “Gold Acorn on Ivory” and “Golden touch.”