Golden Honeysuckle

1963 to 1965
Golden Honeysuckle debuted four new Pyrex sizes and shapes in a square casserole dish.
New domed lids were meant to simplify the process of cooking larger pieces of meat.
Three years earlier the exact pattern of Golden Honeysuckle was released on a promotional piece called “Floral Casserole.”

“New shapes for new profits!” exclaimed a 1963 dealer advertisement. “And they’ll love the special easy-grip handles, and the high-dome see-through covers; they’ll be delighted with the modern, lovely Golden Honeysuckle decorations.”

Available to the consumer market in 1963, Golden Honeysuckle debuted on four new square shaped casserole dishes. The dishes came in a 1 ½ quart Shallow Casserole (033), a 2 ½ quart Deep Casserole (035), a 2 ½ quart Shallow Casserole (055) and a 4 quart Deep Casserole (058). The clear domed lids with knobs made it possible to cook larger cuts of meat.

Golden Honeysuckle also exists on the 043 and 045 Oval Casseroles, but it does not appear to be a regular production item. These Oval Casseroles may have been made as market test pieces.

Also available were two sizes of the Walnut Serving Tray (935, 938) sold separately from the square casseroles or with the casseroles as a set. The casseroles ranged in price from $3.50 to $5.50.

Three years earlier a promotional Oval Casserole was released with the same design as Golden Honeysuckle. Instead of the gold-print pattern, the promotional pattern, called Floral Casserole, had a green design on a white background. Floral Casserole can also be found with a green background and white pattern.