Old Orchard

1974 to 1978
The 1975 four-quart casserole is one of the only pieces released with imperial and metric measurements listed on the backstamp.
Two promotional pieces resembling Old Orchard were released in 1973. The design was called “Harvest.”

The Old Orchard collection was released in 1974 with a full line of items. The colors range from a light orange to a deep brown, some pieces with the pattern and others left solid. Some pieces came with clear lids while others came with brown opalware lids.

A year earlier in 1973 two promotional pieces resembling the Old Orchard design were released. This new pattern was called “Harvest,” and there were two casseroles introduced with this design, both on a lighter variant of the solid colors used in Old Orchard and without Old Orchard’s signature shading along the top of the dish.

Included in the Old Orchard collection was the Cinderella Bowl set (440), a three and four-piece Mixing Bowl set (330 &400), a Bake, Serve and Store set (470), a Casserole set (480), two oval casseroles (943 and 945), a Divided Serving Dish (963), and an Oven, Refrigerator and Freezer set (500). In 1975 a four-quart casserole was released and was the only piece with a backstamp containing both the metric and imperial measuring units.

With Corning’s introduction of new accessory lines as well as the Fireside Collection, the interest and popularity of the Old Orchard collection waned, and it was discontinued in 1978.


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