Snowflake Blue

1972 to 1975
Robert Gibson
Snowflake Blue, along with Butterfly Gold and Spring Blossom Green were the first patterns released as Pyrex Compatibles.
Snowflake Blue is unofficially known as “Garland.”
With the release of Pyrex Compatibles came new items including salt and pepper shakers, a covered butter dish, and a sugar and cream set.

“America’s old favorite cookware now goes with America’s new favorite dinnerware.” In 1972 Corning Glass Works introduced its new line of Pyrex Compatibles. Created to match new or previously existing Corelle Livingware, Pyrex Compatibles was first released in Spring Blossom Green, Snowflake Blue and Butterfly Gold.

“The famous Pyrex Ware women have loved since 1916 and the Corelle Livingware they’ve loved since 1971 have just gotten better. A new old favorite is about to begin,” claimed a 1972 Pyrex advertisement.

Among the new releases was Snowflake Blue, unofficially known as “Garland” because of its garland-like pattern of snowflakes, swags and dots. The pattern was printed in either blue or white on alternating blue and white backgrounds.

Snowflake Blue came in the standard 300 and 400 series Mixing Bowl Sets, the four-piece Cinderella Bowl Set (440), the four-piece Refrigerator Set (500), the 470 and 480 Round Casserole Set, the Oval Casseroles (043, 045), the Oval Divided Dish (063), the Round Casseroles (024, 664) and the Bakeware Set (913, 922, 933). Decorated opal lids covered the Oval Casseroles and clear lids covered the Round Casseroles.

Newly released items made to accompany the Corelle Livingware line included Napkin Rings (54), a Butter Dish (72), a 9 oz. Mug (1410), Salt and Pepper Shakers (103), A Cream and Sugar set, a 1 and 1 ½ quart Serving Pitcher (6434, 6437) and 8 and 12 oz. Glas-Snap Tumblers (49, 416).

The popularity of Snowflake Blue, along with Butterfly Gold and Spring Blossom Green, paved the way for the success of Pyrex Compatibles.

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