Spring Blossom Green 2

1979 to 1981
Spring Blossom Green was released in two versions. The first from 1972 to 1979. The second from 1979 to 1981.
One of the longest running patterns, Spring Blossom Green was available on the consumer market for nearly a decade.
Spring Blossom Green is commonly referred to as “Crazy Daisy.”

“Pyrex ware. We all depend on it,” claims a 1979 Trade Catalog. Newly redesigned, Spring Blossom Green made its second debut in the second half of 1979, continuing on as a Pyrex Compatible to the corresponding Corelle Dinnerware.

The new design was similar to the 1972 iteration of Spring Blossom Green, but had a smaller floral motif with the occasional stem and leaf scattered throughout. The background colors were now avocado green and lime green, both with the design printed in white. While still a popular pattern the 1979 version of Spring Blossom Green was released on fewer dishes.

Included in the 1979 release were the 300 series Mixing Bowls, 4 piece Cinderella Mixing Bowl Set (440), and the 470 and 480 Round Casserole Set. The 474 and 475 casseroles were also sold as separates as well as in the set. Consequently, two versions of the 474 casserole exist.

As with the 1972 version of Spring Blossom Green collectors often refer to the 1979 iteration as “Crazy Daisy,” though that is not this pattern’s official name. With its discontinuation in 1981, Spring Blossom Green was one of the longest patterns available on the consumer market, spanning nearly a decade.

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