Spring Blossom Green I (Green on White)

1972 to 1979
Sara Balbach
Spring Blossom Green was released in two versions. The first from 1972 to 1979. The second from 1979 to 1981.
One of the longest running patterns, Spring Blossom Green was available on the consumer market for nearly a decade.
Spring Blossom Green was designed as a Pyrex Compatible to the Corelle Dinnerware of the same name.
Spring Blossom Green is commonly referred to as “Crazy Daisy.”

“Time to go shopping,” stated the headline of The Gaffer, Corning Glass Works’ employee newsletter. On the front page of the November 1972 Gaffer there is a picture of Spring Blossom Green, one of the patterns designed as a Pyrex Compatible for the corresponding Corelle Dinnerware pattern.

A 1974 trade catalog declares, “Almost everybody has Pyrex ware in some size, shape, color, or decoration. All decorated brightly and boldly to go with your kitchen décor. Pyrex ware is so compatible there’s a complete line designed to go with Corelle Livingware.”

Spring Blossom Green was released in an era of new sizes and shapes in Pyrex ware. Not only was it released on standard dishes such as the 300 and 400 series mixing bowl sets, but also on a sugar and creamer set, a covered butter dish, and a salt and pepper shaker set. New releases also included the 8 and 12 oz. glas-snap tumblers as well as the one and 1 ½ quart serving pitcher.

As one of the most popular patterns, Spring Blossom Green was on the consumer market for nearly a decade, having been released in two iterations. The first of which was available between 1972 and 1979. Capitalizing on popular trends the alternating background colors were white and avocado green with clusters of large flowers, leaves, and dots.

The refrigerator set for Spring Blossom Green was redesigned in 1977, making it possible to find two different versions just within the first iteration of this pattern. While both refrigerator sets look similar there is a marked difference between the number of solid versus outlined dots as well as solid versus outlined flowers.

Spring Blossom Green is popularly referred to as “Crazy Daisy” by collectors, but both iterations of this design are known as Spring Blossom Green. Below is a listing of the different shapes and sizes available in the first iteration of Spring Blossom Green Compatibles.

300 - 3 piece Mixing Bowl Set

330 - 3 piece Bakeware Set

400 - 4 piece Mixing Bowl Set

440 - 4 piece Cinderella Bowl Set

470 - 3 piece Bake, Serve & Store

480 - 3 piece Cinderella Casserole set

500 - 4 piece Oven, Refrigerator, Freezer Set

943 - 1 ½ quart Oval Casserole

945 - 2 ½ quart Oval Casserole

963 - 1 quart Oval Divided Serving Dish

53 - Sugar and Creamer Set

72 - Covered Butter Dish

103 - Salt and Pepper Shaker Set


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