1978 to 1983
Pyrex Compatibles released Woodland to accompany the Corelle Dinnerware pattern called Woodland Brown.
The lids on all of the Bake Ware were clear.

The Woodland collection was first introduced in 1978 on a wide array of items. The collection included the Cinderella Bowl set (440), the three and four-piece Mixing Bowl set (300 and 400), the Bake, Serve and Store set (470), the Casserole set (480), the two Oval Casseroles (943 and 945) and the Refrigerator set (500).

Corning released Woodland as a Compatible line to the Corelle Dinnerware called Woodland Brown. The Compatibles line introduced Salt and Pepper Shakers, the nine-ounce mug (1410), a butter dish (72), and the Gravy server with Saucer (77) as well as teacups (618).

Woodland was discontinued in 1983, but its Corelle Dinnerware counterpart remained on the market through 1985.

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